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Staffing is complete for the festival, but feel free to send your resume to to keep on file. Event hiring is managed by our contracted Production Company, The Workshop.

We love volunteers! Volunteer shifts are limited and managed by our contracted Production Company, The Workshop. You can email them at to see if there are any positions available.

Bite of Seattle is one of the largest festivals in the city and we recommend that you consider the festival environment before bringing your dog. There are large crowds, music, and noises throughout the festival grounds, so we ask that you evaluate whether this is suitable for your pet. All festival attendees must adhere to the City of Seattle, Seattle Center, and Festival Guidelines.

When users make their first purchase, they will be given the choice to load their payment method into the CHEQ app. Once completed, the payment information will be securely stored within the app. However, prior to this step, preloading payment methods is not feasible. Fortunately, there is a convenient option available for pre-ordering items before the festival. This ensures a seamless and stress-free experience upon arrival, as attendees can effortlessly collect their pre-ordered items.


Please complete a vendor application here.

All vendor applications are reviewed and ranked by our team. Priority is given to restaurants and businesses located and licensed in the Greater Seattle area, followed by Washington state and PNW businesses.

Applications with complete and accurate detail assist us in the judging process. Please be sure to include your website or a link to photos of your food and/or products.


Thanks for your interest in performing at Bite! The music lineup is complete and we are not accepting talent submissions.

If we have open submissions next year we will feature a notice on our website. You can also sign-up for our newsletter for future updates. We hope to see you at Bite supporting the 50+ bands and musicians that are performing this year!⁠


CHEQ is a mobile-ordering and social-gifting app that lets friends send food, drinks and experiences to each other whenever, wherever (including the Bite of Seattle).


And of course, The Bite would not be possible without the support of our partners.