The Bite Cooks!

Hosted by Carly Henderson

Honoring Chef
Thierry Rautureau

Chef Thierry Rautureau was a beloved chef, restauranter, and host of ‘The Bite Cooks!’ Also known as the Chef in the Hat, Rautureau hosted the Bite’s cooking demos and competitions for over a decade. His charming and friendly demeanor left a lasting impact at The Bite year after year—from the attendees who saw him live, to the chefs who cooked alongside him. ‘The Bite Cooks!’ will resume in 2024 for the first time since his passing and will honor Rautureau’s lasting impact by continuing to uplift chefs.

Carly Henderson

Please join us in welcoming Carly Henderson as the new host of ‘The Bite Cooks!’ 2024. Carly is an Emmy-nominated TV host, producer, and writer, and host of Studio 13 on Fox. Her natural curiosity, enthusiasm, and warmth helps viewers experience the excitement she gets to be a part of firsthand. She’s the guide to all things exciting in the PNW and has covered the Seattle food scene on Fox Studio 13 Live! We are excited to see her on stage at The Bite Cooks!

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